PD Presentations

January PD ~ SIOP Strategies for Teachers

The presentation from Mona Jalloul and Jeannine Oynoian’s session on SIOP Strategies is available at this link:

SIOP Presentation


November PD ~ NWEA Classroom Reports & Progress Monitoring for SE Staff

The presentation from Bob Attee’s session on NWEA is available at this link:

NWEA Classroom Reports

The presentation from Shellie Conrad and Kim Beckwith’s session on Progress Monitoring and Goals/Logs for SE Students is available at this link:

Progress Monitoring

October Culturally Responsive Teaching

The presentation from Nadra Shami’s session on CRT is available at this link:

Culturally Responsive Teaching for New Teachers

September MiStar Gradebook PD

Handouts and additional information on setting up Gradebook:

Middle School – Gradebook Setup

High School – Gradebook Setup

Elementary – Gradebook Setup

FAQ Sheet

To access the training documentation, please:

  1. Click https://dearbornschools.org/resources/staff/ then iLearn, or click the following iLearn Link and then login
  2. Search for course ASC – Computer Services Dept and enroll in the course
  3. Click Group Selection to choose 1 or More groups to review the corresponding documentation; the groups are: Counseling Office, School Office, Support Staff and Teacher


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