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Greetings Year 1 & 2 Teachers and Mentors!
It’s almost time for our second Mentor-Mentee meeting of the year. During this session, 1st and 2nd year teachers and their mentors will be participating in a collaborative activity using a teacher preparation article. We will also spend the second part of the meeting clarifying requirements and answering questions on any topic of your choice.
For this meeting, you will have the option to attend in-person OR to participate online. You and your mentor/mentee may select one of the following 3 settings to participate in this session (please select the same option as your mentor/mentee):
  • Log in to iLearn and complete this course (click the link to get started) by Feb. 9 at 5:25
  • Attend a session at MBCC on Feb. 8 from 4:10-5:25
  • Attend a session at MBCC on Feb. 9 from 4:10-5:25
Got questions about the second Mentor-Mentee Meeting? We’d love to hear from you! Reply to this email or visit the School Improvement Blog for more contact information.
Dearborn Teacher University Team
Dearborn Public Schools | Students First: Inspire, Educate, Celebrate.

MDE-Second-round Feedback on Michigan’s plan to implement (ESSA)

Greetings Dearborn Community,

Please share with all stakeholders including staff, parents, and community.

Members of the education community, along with the general public, are invited to offer feedback to the draft recommendations by workgroups charged with drafting Michigan’s plan to implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). A set of four feedback options has been posted and will remain open through Monday, January 23, 2017.

OPTIONAL:  To learn more about Michigan’s ESSA planning, process and priorities, consider viewing an 18-minute video presentation by Deputy Superintendent Venessa Keesler before taking this survey.

To take the survey, click on one of the following options.  Option one should take about 5 minutes unless you chose to view the 18 minute video.

Option 1—Open Public Feedback Survey

Individuals who did not attend a forum and do not wish to view the videos can participate in a more streamlined survey. As in the detailed surveys above, participants will be able to provide feedback on all five Action Team recommendations, but answers will not require knowledge of the details provided through the Forums.

Option 2—Comment portal

Option 3—Email inquiries or ideas directly to

Thank you,
Fatme Faraj
Director, School Improvement/Leadership Coaching
Dearborn Schools

New Professional Staff Development


Over 50 new teachers attended professional development provided by the director of special education department, Ms. Michelle Dejaeger to learn about how to select, administer and evaluate use of accommodations for instruction and assessment of students with disabilities.

Other topics included MTSS process, SE areas of eligibility and accommodation categories. Here is the powerpoint:

Supporting Students with Disabilities


New Professional Staff PD

Our next New Teacher PD session is scheduled for this Wednesday, December 21 at the Michael Berry Career Center (MBCC) from 4:10-5:25.
The topic will be Special Education Accommodations and Categories.
Please be sure to sign up for the session in iLearn in the Dearborn Teacher University course. 
If you have trouble signing up, please contact Bob Harrison.
Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!
Stay warm,
DTU Team

Updates on Mentor/Mentee Responsibilities

Forms!! Who completes them and where to submit?

There have been several questions regarding the roles/responsibilities for our mentor teachers and their mentees in regards to forms and meeting times. Forms will not be uploaded into ilearn.  Please refer to page 9 of the Dearborn Teacher University Handbook for clarifications and revisions.

Updates include:

  • clarification on where and when forms need to be submitted
  • documentation responsibilities

New Professional Staff Orientation


Thirty-one new professional staff attended an orientation session this evening at MBCC.

Today’s session was a short version of the August orientation.  Click on the link to access the resources we discussed in the meeting.

If you have attended the meeting, a feedback survey will be sent to you shortly.

As always, feel free to ask any questions or for any help.  If we don’t know, we will certainly attempt to find out.

New Professional Staff Orientation At a Glance

Thank you,

DTU Team

Every Student Succeeds Act News and State Implementation of the Law


For those who are interested in learning about ESSA, below is a summary of MDE updates.

Please excuse the lengthy post.  This is the first communication about ESSA.

  • ESSA was signed by President Obama on Dec. 10, 2015, to replace the former federal education act commonly known as No Child Left Behind, which was enacted in 2001.

  • ESSA is the latest reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

  • ESSA allows states to develop their own educational system based on evidence, while still ensuring that they set high standards for education.

  • Michigan’s ESSA action teams have been meeting since early June seeking feedback on topics such as transparency in reporting, school accountability and educator support.

  • There’s a focus on empowering state and local decision makers that maybe wasn’t there with NCLB

  •  MDE is utilizing ESSA as an opportunity to focus on state Superintendent Brian Whiston’s plan to move Michigan from a being a bottom-third performing state in the nation to become a top 10 education state in 10 years.

  • According to the final ESSA regulations released by the U.S. Department of Education,  ESSA maintains the NCLB expectation that there will be accountability and action to effect positive change in the nation’s lowest-performing schools, where groups of students are not making progress, and where graduation rates are low over extended periods of time.

  •  States may design their own report cards that include key information such as student achievement, graduation rates, and other critical indicators of school quality, climate and safety.

  • One possible outcome of Michigan’s ESSA implementation is that schools will receive letter grades ranging from A through F.

  •  Schools that receive a D or an F grade would warrant MDE intervention if the plan is implemented.

  • State Deputy Superintendent Keesler said MDE will use ESSA as a catalyst to focus on educator supports as well as a viable partnership model — which involves working with independent school districts, education preparation organizations, foundations and other departments.

  • “Basically a partnership model is just working with districts in partnership with the ISDs, education prep organizations, foundations, other departments to craft across the whole spectrum of the whole child needs for students in the district, and to craft solutions that really get into that support,” Keesler said.

  • MDE is to have Michigan’s plan written by Jan. 1.

  • Click on the link to learn more about Michigan’s ESSA Timeline.

    What’s Happening Now

    ESSA Feedback Forums are taking place around the state during the month of December. The feedback gathered at these forums and through online surveys will inform Michigan’s final ESSA plan, which will guide how Michigan leverages federal funding to make Michigan a Top 10 education state in the next 10 years

  • Educators also have the opportunity to correspond with the MDE electronically to have their input. In the meantime, feedback on the current work is welcomed. Please email ESSA-related comments or questions to

    An ESSA public feedback survey is under development and will be released soon.



Wayne County Regional Enhancement Education Millage Proposal


School districts in Wayne County have placed a proposal on the November 8th ballot to provide added funding for our schools. It is the “Regional Enhancement Millage Proposal.”

If approved by the entire county, the 2 mil proposal will generate approximately $6.2 million from Dearborn but the District will receive $7.8 million in additional funding for our schools.  Money would go to local schools starting this year and the millage expires after six years. 

Read moreWayne County Regional Enhancement Education Millage Proposal

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