DPPD Guidelines for PD Providers

DISTRICT PROVIDED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (DPPD) All Michigan educators may use DPPD (district provided professional development) toward the progression from the Michigan provisional teaching certificate to the professional education certificate. The assignment that the individual holds is no longer relevant to the use of DPPD for certificate progression or renewal including the following MDE issued certificates or licenses (see March 2, 2018 Memo on DPPD):

    1. Professional Education Certificate
    2. Occupational Education Certificate
    3. School Administrator Certificate
    4. School Counselor License
    5. School Psychologist Certificate

DPPD may not be used for the renewal of Provisional certificates.

*** All Dearborn administrative staff, cabinet members, Instructional coaches, resource teachers, and other staff providing DPPD eligible opportunities must:

  1. Keep track of the agenda, sign in/out sheet, and log the PD event on the school/district calendar
  2. The DPPD session has a maximum contact time of eight hours. The actual meeting contact time ( time used for instruction).  Do NOT count the welcome, breaks, lunch, dinner speeches, homework, preparation time, registration, or similar non-instructional activities.
  3. Hand out the individual slips to employees who wish to use the activity for DPPD credit.
    1. The DPPD is appropriate to the grade level(s) and endorsement area(s) for which the educator is certified see  PD Guidelines (Copies of Documents from # 1 must be dropped in the folder labeled DPPD District Records.)
    2. The school/district agrees to submit to all auditing and documentation requirements established by OPPS.
    3. Districts should keep documentation to support that:
      1. the professional development was conducted
      2. the topic matches what was reported by the teacher and indicates content appropriate for renewing
      3. the participants attended the activity.

It is recommended that teachers input DPPD hours yearly and obtain a signed DPPD form yearly.

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