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SIOP Strategies make content comprehensible for Year One Professional Staff

The Dearborn Teacher University professional development December session provided our newly hired professional staff with an introduction of Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol or The SIOP Model as it is known by most educators.  Two of our EL Department trainers and coaches, led by Kellie Bugajski and Jeannine Oynoian spent the hour receiving a brief overview about the eight components embedded in SIOP. Participants were divided up into small groups to engage in Word Sorts, Structured Reading and Structured Conversation activities. The presenters modeled the various SIOP lessons and strategies with the hopes that our new staff could apply these ideas in their classrooms.

The presentation from this session is available on the Dearborn Teacher University tab under “PD Presentations.”

As a reminder, be sure to register for our next Dearborn Teacher University PD on January 15, 2019 from 2:40-3:55 and 4:10-5:25 p.m. Please attend the session time that best fits your school schedule. The topic will be Special Education Accommodations.

The link for registration is available here:

2:40-3:55 DTU – Year One SE Accommodations & Categories

4:10-5:25 DTU – Year One SE Accommodations & Categories

We hope you have a wonderful holiday break with your families and friends! See you all in 2019!



Year One Staff navigate NWEA and SAT Classroom Reports

Over 50 new professional staff members spent the November session of the Dearborn Teacher University professional development workshop being introduced to the world of summative assessments. The high school staff, led by Dearborn High Coordinators, Christine Rosbury and Laurie Lintner, spent the hour examining the the various resources and tools that are available to classroom teachers to support their instruction and preparation for the SAT. 

For our new elementary and middle school professional staff, Duvall principal Bob Attee, provided an informative session on how to read and understand the information provided on NWEA reports. The participants were instructed on how the MAP and MPG student, class and grade level reports can increase their students’ achievements in the areas of Reading, Math, Language Usage and Science. The presentations from both sessions are available on the Dearborn Teacher University tab under “PD Presentations.”

As a reminder, be sure to register for our next Dearborn Teacher University PD on December 18, 2018. There will be two sessions offered. High School from 2:40-3:55 and Middle School/Elementary 4:10-5:25. The topic will be SIOP Strategies. 

The link for registration is available here:

High School session:

Middle School & Elementary session:



Great Share for Our New Teachers . . . Getting your to-do list under control!

As the first marking period comes to a close, this article from Edutopia can help you stay on top of your constantly growing list of tasks to accomplish.

Click on the title below to access the article:

Getting Your To-Do List Under Control

Building routines around recurring tasks can help new teachers save effort and focus on what really matters.

Get to know your students . . . Year One Staff learn about Culturally Responsive Teaching

Last week, our Year One professional staff examined the critical topic of Culturally Responsive Teaching. The EL Department trainers and coaches, Ms. Ameena Elder and Ms. Nadra Shami presented information and activities that introduced the staff to the challenges that our refugee students face on a daily basis. Time was spent in small group and whole group reflecting on how educators can best support our students that endure these hardships.  The presentation from this session is available on the Dearborn Teacher University tab under “PD Presentations.”

As a reminder, be sure to register for our next Dearborn Teacher University Year One PD on November 27, 2018. The topic will be Assessment with two sessions available. High School Year One staff will meet at 2:45-4:00 for SAT/PSAT and our K-8 session will focus upon NWEA from 4:10-5:25.  Both workshops will meet in the board room at ASC. The link for registration is available here:

High School registration:  SAT/PSAT Session

K-8 registration: NWEA Session

Mentor/Mentee meetings are off to a strong start!

During the past month, over 380 teachers were in attendance at one of the Dearborn Teacher University Mentor/Mentee professional development sessions.  Multiple dates were scheduled to offer flexibility and to encourage having both the new teacher and their mentor attend the meeting together. Based on staff feedback from last year, part of the sessions were focused on completing the Self-Evaluation component from the My Learning Plan teacher evaluation. Mentor/Mentee teams were given time to collaborate and plan for their professional growth goals based on the results from their Self-Evaluation. In addition, DTU expectations for Year Two/Three staff were reviewed. The presentation from all sessions, plus handouts are available on the SIP/DTU blog, as well as in this post. Overall, the second and third year staff are off a great start for the 2018-19 school year. We wish them a wonderful school year!

Year One Professional Staff make their mark with Gradebook

Recently, our newly hired teachers attended their first Dearborn Teacher University Year One professional development on Gradebook. Ms. Fadia Nahed from Computer Services and Ms. Katharine Keebler from Howe Elementary introduced how to set-up gradebook, enter assignments, as well as how to pull various reports. Participants had the opportunity to engage with the MiStar website and leave the session with their Gradebook ready for the upcoming marking period.

Links to the iLearn course for further information are included in this post, as well as the Gradebook Set-up handouts that were distributed during the session.

Elementary – Gradebook Setup

High School – Gradebook Setup

Middle School – Gradebook Setup

To access the training documentation, please:

  1. Click then iLearn, or click the following iLearn Link and then login
  2. Search for course ASC – Computer Services Dept and enroll in the course
  3. Click Group Selection to choose 1 or More groups to review the corresponding documentation; the groups are: Counseling Office, School Office, Support Staff and Teacher

We look forward to seeing everyone during next month’s session on Culturally Responsive Teaching.

School Improvement News

School and District Improvement Plan Documentation Submission the 2018-2019 School Year for the 2019-2020 School Year:

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is working toward an enhanced whole child model of needs assessment and planning; however, for this year in
partnership with AdvancED, the MDE will continue to keep the ASSIST web-based open for submission of District Improvement Plans (DIPs), School
Improvement Plans (SIPs), and other documents associated with DIPs and SIPs for 2018-2019 school year.
All schools in Michigan will be assigned the Improvement Plan Assurance and choose school improvement plan option as directed by their districts.
Districts will complete Goals and Plans in ASSIST as they did in 2017-2018.
All districts and schools will be assigned the Program Evaluation Tool.


The redesign we talked about for the last few months is not taking place during the current 18-19 school Year.

Thank you,


Welcome New Professional Staff

Dearborn Teacher University welcomes over 75 new staff members to the district!

Recently the Dearborn Teacher University office presented a two day orientation to our new teachers. During the sessions offered, staff members from various district departments presented a brief overview of how they can support teachers during the school year. The second day was focused upon unpacking elementary and secondary standards, writing content and language objectives and accessing and navigating the DEC platform. A huge thank you to all of our amazing presenters who helped make the orientation a great success!


We look forward to working with our new professional staff during their first year in the district and wish them best of success at the start of the school year!

Final DTU Year One PD Session checks out Google Apps

This past week, the Dearborn Teacher University hosted its final Year One PD workshop for the 2017-18 school year. This month’s topic was on Google Apps. Troy Patterson, Director of Technology and Media Services provided a hands-on overview of how to efficiently utilize Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and other Google apps available for educators to access through the Google Suite for Education. The session included opportunities for the participants to try out the new Gmail platform and ask questions.

Based on the overall feedback, our teachers understand how important the integration of technology can be in working with their students and in their classrooms. Mr. Patterson encouraged all participants to reach out to one of the two district tech coaches for additional support. The Tech Coaches blog offers tips, explanations and the ability to schedule an appointment with one of them to work with teachers and students.

We would like to wish all of our Dearborn Teacher University Mentees, Mentors and Presenters a wonderful summer break!

We look forward to working with you again in the 2018-19 school year.

It’s a Wrap! Year One Professional Staff finish up their first year in Dearborn Public Schools

This past week, over 400 Year One Professional Staff members and their mentors attended their last Mentor/Mentee meeting of the school year. During the meeting we discussed the importance of relationships between the mentor/mentee partnership, as well as the relationships between teacher to students, parents and colleagues. Year end Dearborn Teacher University and state requirements were reviewed for all new staff members and their mentors. Anyone with questions should please contact our office.

We have one final DTU Professional Development opportunity left for this school year on May 22 from 4:10-5:25. The topic for this month is Google Apps. Be sure to register at this link if you’re still in need of professional development hours:

The Dearborn Teacher University wishes all of their mentees congratulations on completing their first year with the Dearborn Public Schools!