Year One Professional Staff dig into curriculum

Our first Dearborn Teacher University Year One PD session met in November. Participants spent time learning about our district curriculum, resources and pacing guides. Elementary professional staff examined resources available to them on DEC through a scavenger hunt and group discussion activity. The secondary professional participated in a carousel learning activity to identify how the curriculum and resources on DEC can assist them when planning their daily lessons and assessments. Our special education staff met with the coordinators from the Special Education Department to discuss specific job related content. It was a very productive session for all!

Busy month for our New Professional Staff

Greetings everyone!

We hope your first few months at school have been rewarding for you and your students. During the month of October our department met with over 600 new professional staff and their mentors. The mentor/mentee sessions focused on state and district obligations for our new staff and how the mentors can best support their new colleagues during the process. Staff were highly encouraged to visit the School Improvement blog for current information, updates, as well as copies of all three presentations ~ Year One, Two and Three. Our office is always available to answer any questions during the year to ensure that our new teachers have a successful school year.

Looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming Dearborn Teacher University PD sessions throughout the year!

Reminder to ALL First and Second Year Teachers and their Mentors

Greetings Year 1 & 2 Teachers and Mentors!
It’s almost time for our second Mentor-Mentee meeting of the year. During this session, 1st and 2nd year teachers and their mentors will be participating in a collaborative activity using a teacher preparation article. We will also spend the second part of the meeting clarifying requirements and answering questions on any topic of your choice.
For this meeting, you will have the option to attend in-person OR to participate online. You and your mentor/mentee may select one of the following 3 settings to participate in this session (please select the same option as your mentor/mentee):
  • Log in to iLearn and complete this course (click the link to get started) by Feb. 9 at 5:25
  • Attend a session at MBCC on Feb. 8 from 4:10-5:25
  • Attend a session at MBCC on Feb. 9 from 4:10-5:25
Got questions about the second Mentor-Mentee Meeting? We’d love to hear from you! Reply to this email or visit the School Improvement Blog for more contact information.

Updates on Mentor/Mentee Responsibilities

Forms!! Who completes them and where to submit?

There have been several questions regarding the roles/responsibilities for our mentor teachers and their mentees in regards to forms and meeting times. Forms will not be uploaded into ilearn.  Please refer to page 9 of the Dearborn Teacher University Handbook for clarifications and revisions.

Updates include:

  • clarification on where and when forms need to be submitted
  • documentation responsibilities
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