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Breaking Down Assessments for Our New Professional Staff ~ NWEA/SAT/Progress Monitoring

This past month our new professional staff members spent the December session of the Dearborn Teacher University professional development workshop being introduced to the world of summative assessments. The high school staff, led by Dearborn High Coordinators, Christine Rosbury and Laurie Lintner, spent the hour examining the the various resources and tools that are available to classroom teachers to support their instruction and preparation for the PSAT and SAT. 

For our new elementary and middle school professional staff, Duvall principal Bob Attee, provided an informative session on how to read and understand the information provided on NWEA reports. The participants were instructed on how the MAP and MPG student, class and grade level reports can increase their students’ achievements in the areas of Reading, Math, Language Usage and Science. The presentations from both sessions are available on the Dearborn Teacher University tab under “PD Presentations.”

Our new Special Education staff attended an informative session on Progress Monitoring, Goals and Logs presented by Shellie Conrad and Kim Beckwith. The group reviewed the expectations for the Procedure Manual, how to access and complete service logs and how to effectively track goal data for their students.

As a reminder, be sure to register for our next Dearborn Teacher University PD on January 14, 2020. There will be two sessions offered. High School from 2:40-3:50 and Middle School/Elementary 4:00-5:10. The topic will be SIOP Strategies. 

The link for registration is available here:

High School session:

Middle School & Elementary session:

Wishing everyone a restful holiday and a healthy and happy 2020!

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