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MDE Rolls out Phase II of Online Parent Dashboard for School Transparency

Additional programs about schools are now available to parents on the Parent Dashboard for School Transparency.

In addition to last year’s phase I release that included state assessment performance and progress, students with on-track attendance, English learner progress, graduation and dropout rates, and advanced coursework,  Phase II was released today and is now available under  the “School Services and Offerings” also referred to as “Points of Pride.”  This feature allows schools to self-report information on some selected programs and services that set them apart from other schools.

School district-reported Points of Pride may include availability of Advanced Placement; Career Technical Education (CTE); International Baccalaureate; music; and student mentorship programs, as well as clubs, school-sponsored sports, and world languages.

The tool also can compare a school’s performance with the average performance of other similar Michigan schools, including charter schools.

You can look up individual schools using this link:

Parent Dashboard for School Transparency


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