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Year One Professional Staff Explore Special Education 101

Our latest Dearborn Teacher University Year One PD session focused on the components of Special Education. Participants spent time learning about the various acronyms and labels utilized in the department and how students are identified for potential services. Some key take aways from the workshop included:  Special Education is an intervention and a service . . . not a place; Specially Designed Instruction is the heart of Special Education;  Knowing your students and building the positive relationship with them is crucial when dealing with behavior strategies and supports for students with special needs.

In addition, the various models of intervention services offered through the MTSS process were introduced.  Our presenters also explored a variety of co-teaching models and how they benefit our students. The leadership team from the Special Education Department, Mike Esseily, Courtney Pletzke, Rola Bazzi-Gates and Nicole West did an amazing job working with our new professional staff.

The presentation from this session is available on the Dearborn Teacher University tab under “PD Presentations.”

As a reminder, be sure to register for our next Dearborn Teacher University PD on February 19, 2019 from 4:10-5:25 p.m.. The topic will be Teacher Talk. You will notice that we are only offering ONE SESSION TIME for this workshop. High School/Middle School/Elementary are all together for this workshop.

The link for registration is available here: DTU – Year One Teacher Talk

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