Mentor/Mentee meetings are off to a strong start!

During the past month, over 380 teachers were in attendance at one of the Dearborn Teacher University Mentor/Mentee professional development sessions.  Multiple dates were scheduled to offer flexibility and to encourage having both the new teacher and their mentor attend the meeting together. Based on staff feedback from last year, part of the sessions were focused on completing the Self-Evaluation component from the My Learning Plan teacher evaluation. Mentor/Mentee teams were given time to collaborate and plan for their professional growth goals based on the results from their Self-Evaluation. In addition, DTU expectations for Year Two/Three staff were reviewed. The presentation from all sessions, plus handouts are available on the SIP/DTU blog, as well as in this post. Overall, the second and third year staff are off a great start for the 2018-19 school year. We wish them a wonderful school year!

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