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Time to Partner Up! Co Teaching-PD Dearborn Teacher University

One Hundred and twenty four first year teachers attended the latest Dearborn Teacher University session, the new professional staff defined co-teaching as “collaboration.” Participants learned about the various models of co-teaching and how important it is for the teams to pre-plan their lessons. As part of the District Strategic Plan, co-teaching partners a general education teacher with a specialized teacher in the area of Special Education or EL. Together, two highly qualified educators work to meet the needs of all students in the classroom.

We are grateful for the wonderful experience and knowledge shared by the leadership team from the Special Education Department, Mike Esseily, Nicole West, Kim Ray, Rola Bazzi Gates, Courtney Pletzke and others. They along with  always support the DTU program by contributing their expertise and presenting on various topics.

The presentation from this session is available on the Dearborn Teacher University tab under “PD Presentations.”

As a reminder, be sure to register for our next Dearborn Teacher University PD on May 22, 2018 from 4:10-5:25 p.m.. The topic will be Google Apps.

The link for registration is available here: DTU – Year One Google Apps

See everyone in May!


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