Michigan Department of Education to introduce new school-rating system (Index)

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Detroit Free Press published an article on the release of the new rating system.

See highlights belows:

The Michigan Department of Education is set to issue a new way of rating schools soon — one that gives them credit for student proficiency and improvement, as well as other factors that have nothing to do with test performance.

State Superintendent Brian Whiston said the new system, called an index, will be released to schools in about a week and will be public in about a month.

Schools will receive an index score that will range from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest. Those with an index score of below 30 will be targeted for improvement, Whiston said during a break in Tuesday’s meeting of the State Board of Education.

Here’s how the index score will be determined:

  • 34% based on improvement on state exams
  • 29% based on the number of students proficient on state exams
  • 14% on other factors such as availability of art, music, library and physical education programs
  • 10% based on graduation rates
  • 10% based on the proficiency of English language learners on a state exam
  • 3% based on how many students are tested

See full article here: https://r.smartbrief.com/resp/jNgvCfbwnsqaujAZFhVE

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