New Staff Orientation


Newly hired staff have been attending orientation for the last three days. We are grateful for all the district presenters who provided the training.

Topics covered include:

Day 1:

  • Trustee Petlichkoff and Dr. Maleyko Dearborn School’s mission and vision
  • Affective Education (Ms. Danene Charles)
  • Introduction to district departments (Ms. Aldubaily, Mrs. Faraj, Mr. Mashour, Mr. Esseily, Ms. King Ahmad, Ms. Townsend)
  • HR Department (Mr. Seeterlin, Ms. Alamaddine, Ms. Kosa)
  • iLearn (Mr. Kenniburg)
  • Gradebook (Ms. Nahed, Ms. Hassan, Mr. Charara, Ms. Sobh)

Day 2:

  • Instructional Services by the Executive Directors (Dr. Mosallam, Ms. Peterson, and Dr. Chochol)
  • SIOP Ice Breaker (Ms. Oynoian)
  • Teacher Evaluation Process (Ms. Alie-Bazzi)
  • Assessment Department (Dr. Patterson)
  • DFT and Health Benefits (Ms. Sipperly and Ms. Nicholson)
  • Dearborn Teacher University Organizational Chart & Handbook (Mrs. Irani and Mrs. Faraj)
  • Graphics Lab (Ms. Theisen)

Day 3:

  • Creating Content & Language Objectives and Planning with the Standards in Mind (a full day by the EL department-Ms. Elder and Ms. Shami)
  • Special Education start of the year work sessions by SE department (Dr. Bazzi-Gates and Ms. Pletzke)

We are very grateful for all the talents we have in the district and we wish our new staff a successful career with Dearborn Schools.


Fatme Faraj & Hilda Irani

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