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1st Year Hires and Their Mentors

Hello to all our First Year Hires and their mentors!
Our final mentor/mentee meeting is fast approaching next week.  You will have a choice of attendance dates:  
Wednesday, May 3 or Thursday, May 4.  
To allow for a more interactive session, we have scheduled the Board Room at the Administrative Service Center (ASC) for this meeting.  The time will remain the same 4:10-5:25
To ensure that we have an accurate list of staff signed up for this session, please REGISTER at the following link (even if you signed up back in October because attendance guidelines were revised based on the group recommendations):
Be sure to bring the following items with you to the work session:
  • “Beginning Teacher Annual PD Record” (See this link for additional copies –> pink professional development form)
  • List of all PD dates with their titles/descriptions
  • Mentor/Mentee Topic Checklist (you should have kept track of your meetings)
  • laptop or Chromebook if possible (additional Chromebooks will be available if needed)
  • any questions or concerns you still might have from your first year of teaching 🤔
Look forward to seeing you all!

4 thoughts on “1st Year Hires and Their Mentors”

  1. If we were not hired this year, we do not attend this meeting with our mentors, correct? I still have a mentor but I’m not a first year hire.


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