Mentor/Mentee Meeting Dates

The same session will be presented on two consecutive days.  sign up for one of each of the following required sessions. DTU course page   iLearn is an online tool found on the site. The username and password is the same as your district email.

Date Attendance Time Location
October 12, 2016 OR October 13, 2016 First, Second, 3rd year mentors & Mentees 4:10 pm to 5:25 pm Michael Berry Career Center
February 8, 2017 OR February 9, 2017 First Year Mentor/Mentees 4:10 pm to 5:25 pm TBD
 May 3, 2017  OR May 4, 2017 First Year Mentor/Mentees  4:10 pm to 5:25 pm  TBD


16 thoughts on “Mentor/Mentee Meeting Dates”

  1. Is there a way to do 2 meeting times so secondary people are not staying 3 over 3 hours longer on a work day? Perhaps a secondary person can run an earlier meeting for mentor/mentee teams? This is very inconvenient and makes our day VERY LONG. We are always having to be the ones who stay later since elementary gets out later.

  2. May we have a direct link for any scheduled “Exit survey-Submit online at the end your session” since we did not fill one for this past meeting on October 12/13 , 2016?

  3. I have reached out to Janet Palmer regarding: Oct 14 ½ day in-service for SCECH, and she has stated that no SCECH will be granted. Can you please clarify the district position on this in-service?

    • Mr. Saleh,
      If the PD is not designated as SCECH, you can still earn credit toward certificate renewal under DPPD See Dearborn Teacher University Handbook on my blog. If you have a provisional certificate, then you can use the hours toward the 15 days of PD. See chapter 13, 14, and 15 of the Dearborn Teacher University Handbook.


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